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Contamination Control Solutions has a team of experienced Technical Sales professionals providing creative cost effective solutions for your particle contamination and static control needs. Industries that CCS focuses on are: Medical Device, Pharma, Electronics, Converting, and General Industrial. 


We provide unsurpassed customer service and technical support for controlled environments and cleanrooms here in the Northeast.  With over 20 years of experience understanding Cleanrooms, Particle Control, Ionization, Static Control, and filtration, We can help design and build your cleanroom or help improve standards and controls to mitigate particulate and static therefore avoiding costly scrap or reworked product. 


We utilize a consultative technical approach that determines the best overall value solution for our customers based on their individual goals and needs.  CCS is also committed to providing the same technical consultative approach for our customers in the converting world requiring similar needs. 


We have long standing relationships with vendors and principles that provide world class solutions and service that fit our stringent quality and service objectives. 

Once our expert team diagnose the problem, we can provide our unique cleaning and source capturing products in order to provide the best possible solution.


For more information please consult our Solutions and Product menu’s. For immediate help with a site visit or for a free audit or phone call please contact Dave ODonnell at 603-686-9771.

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