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Particle Capturing Systems

When cleaning various substrates, especially plastic parts and packaging trays, compressed air ionizers such as guns, nozzles and air knives are commonly used to neutralize surface static charges and blow-off contaminants. While this accepted practice is extremely effective at eliminating electrostatic charges and particles, the question remains…

"Where do the particles go?"
The problem with conventional “wisdom” is that particles remain in your environment or process, remaining airborne, falling to the floor, onto a workstation or personnel, ultimately finding their way back onto your products or sealed packages. The solution to this problem is SOURCE CAPTURE.

Static Clean has designed several different product lines to assist in source capture. The Particle Trap line offers the Cube, Mini, and PT6000. The HepaClean offers two different sizes to provide a better fit.

For a complete, all-in-one solution, the "Zapp & Trap" pairs a ZappII ionizing gun with a PT6000. If you need a larger, more repeatable cleaning solutions, check out the Cleaning Systems.

Medical Cleaning System (MCS)

The Medical Cleaning System (MCS) is an excellent contamination control tool designed to improve yields by reducing rework. The flush mounted Vacuum Hood, which incorporates shockless static control bars and stainless steel compressed air tubes, removes dirt particles.  The particles are then conveyed to a filtered dust collector. No more blowing particulate around the cleanroom or manufacturing environment causing re-contamination.  Recontamination occurs when using air guns, nozzles and other air devices that do not provide a means of source capturing of the dislodged contamination.

Particle Trap® 6000 (PT 6000)

The Particle Trap® 6000 (PT6000) is a source capture system that solves a major problem when blowing off particles in controlled or clean room environments. With the PT6000, you can clean your medical device, optics, packaging materials with confidence while maintaining the integrity of your clean room.

Particle Trap® Cube (PT Cube)

The Particle Trap® Cube (PT Cube) is a source capturing tool that solves a major problem related to blowing off particles in manufacturing and clean room environments. Clean your parts with confidence without compromising the integrity of your clean room.

Zapp n’ Trap 6000

The Zapp n’ Trap 6000 is a source capturing system that combines The Particle Trap®6000 and the ZappPLUS Ionizing Nozzle. The ZappPLUS Ionizing Nozzle is a hands-free blow-off nozzle that allows the operator the flexibility to move and maneuver the nozzle into their ideal location for spot-on, high-impact cleaning. Once the products are cleaned – Where do the particles go? They are captured in The Particle Trap®6000. The Particle Trap®6000 uses a filtration system that includes both a Pre-Filter and a HEPA Filter to trap particles using negative pressure which in turn permanent removes particles or contaminants from your environment or cleanroom.

HepaClean 2500 & 3000

This stainless steel closed loop parts cleaning system employs three proven cleaning tools – static neutralization, high velocity compressed air and advanced HEPA filtration. The unit only occupies just over three square FT of of valuable bench space and allows you to clean parts in a clean room with little risk of contaminating the surrounding environment. Its features include Stainless Steel Construction. HEPA filter is 99% efficient at 0.3 micron.

Particle Trap® Mini (PT Mini)

The Particle Trap® Mini (PTM / PT Mini) is a source capture system that solves a major problem when blowing off particles in controlled or clean room environments. With the Particle Trap® Mini, you can clean your medical device, optics, packaging materials with confidence while  maintaining the integrity of your clean room.  The PT Mini utilizes a filtration system that includes a Pre-Filter and HEPA Filter combination to trap particulates using negative pressure, permanently removing the contaminants from your environment or clean room.  Clean, HEPA filtered air is returned back into the clean room or laboratory, eliminating the need for external ductwork and/or the loss of conditioned air in the facility.

PV Particle Vac

Perfect for cleanroom applications, the PV Particle Vac is a moderate to heavy use dust collection system.Designed with a filter bag for easy and clean disposal of debris. The high sealed suction design allows for unmatched, consistent power while remaining extremely quiet. The ideal solution for capturing all types of debris except abrasive materials.

Two-Sided Desktop Sheet Cleaner

The Polymag® Tek Two-Sided Desktop Sheet Cleaner offers big sheet cleaning capability in a small package.  Driven Contact Cleaning Rolls (CCRS) remove contaminations from the sheet and then transfer contamination to Adhesive Tape Rolls.

Handheld Rollers & Pads

Polymag® Tek Handheld Contact Cleaning Rolls along with Polymag® Adhesive Tape Pads are used for manually cleaning loose, low volume surface contamination from sheets or flat surface parts.

Medical Cleaning System with Automated Shuffle & HMI (MCS-AS)

Static Clean International’s (SCI) MCS-AS Medical Cleaning System with Automated Shuttle & HMI provides all the benefits and more of the MCS System.  The MCS-AS is an effective, efficient and time-proven system for cleaning medical device products and packaging.  It source captures particulates with repeatable results.


Flex Laminar Flow Station – FLFS

General Purpose Vertical Laminar Flow Systems are offered in our series of high efficiency products designed to protect equipment and other contents of the work zone from particulates as well as for applications sensitive to such contamination. It is ideally suited for use with non-hazardous contaminants and also when flexible access to the equipment in the work zone is desired

There is excellent protection of equipment and materials inside the cabinet from particulates and/or contamination.  And many options are available to customize cabinets for a multitude of applications.

The Flex Laminar Flow Station (FLFS) comes in standard sizes of 4ft, 5ft & 6ft lengths. The Station is very low maintenance and flexible and is an ideal choice for a cleanroom rated workstation at an affordable cost.

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