Contamination Control

The goal of all contamination control activities is to permanently ensure a sufficient level of cleanliness in controlled environments. This is accomplished by providing the appropriate level of cleanliness determined by specific ISO levels. This level of cleanliness will take care of providing appropriate particle control levels for the overall Cleanroom.


In some instances additional cleaning systems are required at the source of contaminated problem areas to improve efficacy. In those instances, CCS provides unique cleaning and cost effective particle capturing solutions.


When using ionizing guns, particulate is often blown off the product at high speeds. Removing them from a sensitive product or process is great. But were do these particulates go?

In a cleanroom, it is imperative to source capture any particulates to prevent them from re-contaminating product or surfaces.

Static Clean was the first to bring source capture products to market and remains the world's leader



From concept to certification and beyond, we deliver the solutions that assist you in exceeding your cleanroom requirements.  CCS offers Cleanrooms of any size to meet your ISO specifications.


Contamination Control Solutions' approach is consultative, ensuring our technologies and services provide value-added solutions to the markets we serve.

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